Hi Everyone, I'm Victoria.

We all live in a big beautiful world full of amazing people and animals and pets. Here you will find some really amazing stories about them. I'm so happy to be able to share my wonderful experiences with all of you. Stop back often to share my latest adventures.



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My interview with legendary Apollo 11 Astronaut

Buzz Aldrin


Burt Young Remembers Muhammad Ali

My very special interview with Lin Oliver and Henry Winkler


Get involved with Jane Goodall's  Roots and Shoots program.



Watch my interview with Dr. JANE GOODALL. What an honor to interview such an amazing woman. She is credited with redefining the relationship between humans and animals. She is also a MESSENGER OF PEACE for the UNITED NATIONS. Check out her ROOTS and SHOOTS program and help make this world a better place.


Dr. Jane Goodall

Watch the Interview


       Watch the Interview



Watch my interview with Penny Chenery the owner of the world's most amazing horse - SECRETARIAT

Watch the Interview 



Watch my interview with the incredible Linda Fairstein. Her new book INTO THE LION'S DEN is fantastic!




  Watch my exciting film about SEAL WALKS on Long Island.  

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